Mother’s Day Revisited

We all have a mother. There is no getting around it. Having a mother is an intricate part of the procreating process that God dreamed into our earthly reality. While I know that science and social experimentation have tweaked the birthing process since it was first introduced, the genetics of a mother are still required. […]

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You Are As Slow As Christmas

I’d bet you have thought that exact thing about someone this year. It is a saying that had way more meaning to us as children when we longed for December to come so we could leave school behind, get presents and play in the snow. But alas, time would drag by and August felt like […]

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Good For You

There is a lot of good happening in the world. Let me take notice and tell others when something good just happened in their lives. They might be depending on me to lead their parade of successful celebration.

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