God Gives Us Days And Then He Gives Us Good Days

give thanks to the lord

My family is still adjusting to living in a semi-rural setting. While our home is in the city and close enough to two “Wal-Marts”, we live a stone’s throw from the country. And many of our new friends “live on some land” or have actual farms. Quite a shift from 15 years in the suburbs of one of America’s great big cities. We haven’t run in these circles in many, many years, but it’s growing on us.

Yesterday, we visited a family who has a farm. When you have enough grass to have 3 tractors, enough pigs to have 5 pens, and enough cows to supply McDonalds, you have a farm. Our friends have a beautiful farm with a variety of animals. Typical to Central Ohio it is also stocked with a generous family and a high degree of hospitality. For just a moment I might have thought I had wondered back into the South.  🙂

Hay, mud, muddy hay, cats, fence posts, and tractor ruts filled our line of sight. Our friend led the way to the barn where something special waited. Two sows and their piglets were penned in waiting for us to visit. If you only could see the smile on a 13 year old girls face as she reached out to touch the baby pig for the first time. No fear of the mama, no faint from the smell of the stall, no startle at the squealing, just joy, pure little girl joy to see and touch the new born. It never occurred to her that the next time she sees that pig she/he will be 100 lbs and as dirty as a diaper. She only sees the pink little piggy that resembles the cartoons she has grown up on. I only saw the beauty of my baby and the bounty of bacon she held.

It was quite a day to visit – 55 and sunny in February in South Central Ohio. Even the pigs seemed to be trying to tan a bit as they wallowed in the muck and mire. They tell me these are good days to be outside. They say its not normally like this. They say “just wait more snow is coming.” We’ll see. I say its good to be alive, and to have friends, and to be near new living things, and to take great big, country breaths every once in a while.

It is good to experience things new. It is good to get a different view of the world. It is good to sometimes wade the danger of a barnyard to see something unusual. It is good to have friends who share their life with you. It is good watch little girls from the city try fun things in the country. It is good to have rubber boots. It is good have sunny days. It is good to just stop and think. It is good to be alive. Life is good…God is good…all is good.


Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. For the LORD is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.– PSALM 100:4-5



3 thoughts on “God Gives Us Days And Then He Gives Us Good Days

  1. Dear pastor Don, The warmth of your tender heart and the adventure of your beautiful family is a wonderful welcome. Thank you for sharing how the simple life wraps you in the softness of a slower pace. Hold on the Kroger Market Place is being built! Y’all are going to love that. Wishing you all many days of joy.

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