See What You Want To See

Make sure you are looking for the glory of God. If you aren’t looking for it you certainly won’t see it. You might walk in and out of the sanctuary happy your songs were sung and upset the sermon was too long, but ready to get to Luby’s for lunch.

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Dear God, Are You Serious?

Fellowship with Jesus and obedience to his commandments come first, and all else follows. Worldly concerns are not a part of our discipleship, but distinct and subordinate concerns. Before we start taking thought for our life, our food and clothing, our work and families, we must seek the righteousness of Christ. (Bonhoeffer – Cost of Discipleship)

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Is God Fair?

Justice – God’s justice – is a whole other cool thing. And just be clear, the pursuit of justice is not something new that was birthed in this millennium by hipster Christians.

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