What Are You Going To Do About You?


 happy new year 

This is the New Year’s Day question that everyone should be asking. What will you do in 2015 that will make your life, your leadership, your relationships, yourself, better? What problems, addictions, disappointments, failures will you face and correct? What issues will you deny, disregard, and/or dismiss?

Perhaps you are approaching 2015 with COURAGE with every intention of being the best “you” that you can be. Your vision includes losing weight, living on a budget, getting more sleep, and spending more time with people you love. You might also be courageous enough to deal with some deep seeded hurt from your past or some big, hairy fears of the future before you. Regardless of the circumstances or details, this year will be different than the years before because you have decided to do something to make life better.

Maybe you haven’t given any thought to 2015. You are hoping that nobody mentions resolutions or asks you to make a list. Maybe you have resolved to change or improve in years past only to fail before the crystal ball ever lit up. The year 2015 will come and go, and whatever will happen, will happen. No planning necessary. Live carefree. Live every minute like it is your last and you want to soak up every breath, every gulp, every dollar, every everything you can eat, drink, see, taste or spend. Saving up for later and living in moderation is for fools! So you are approaching the New Year with a CARE-LESS view of your life. 2016 can’t get here fast enough!

If I could influence you at all with a guideline for 2015, it would be to do so with one word in mind – COMPASSION. As in, have some and get more. Have some compassion for yourself. Have compassion for your family or friends. Have compassion for those you don’t know. Have compassion for the events of the week where you have been wronged or wronged another. Have compassion for what will happen tomorrow that will offend, annoy, or disappoint you.

When we claim the compassionate fuel within us, we position ourselves to be a part of renewal. Maybe it is our own heart and soul that is being renewed from brokenness. Maybe it is the life of another that we share in the renewal of, but compassion makes healing, help, renewal possible. Without compassion the ways in which life has failed us/others will feed on anger, bitterness, even rage. Without compassion for others we greatly impair our ability to live a more full life. Without compassion we have no chance of having a better 2015 or any other year.

For whom and/or for what do you need to find compassion? Perhaps that is the better question to ask heading into a new year.  If you decide to live with compassion for others and for yourself in 2015, the year will be a year like no other. It just might be that missing piece to your life that you have always longed for. Instead of chasing things that will make you feel better about your appearance, your savings account, your self-interest, consider chasing character that God created us to be. Compassionate souls resist the temptation to let themselves get in the way of helping others and making the world better, because a better world for others is a better world for ourselves.

This could be the best year of your life. It is up to you. What will you do about you?

“Compassion is the sometimes fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It’s the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too. ”       ― Frederick Buechner




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