You Might Be A …

lsu guys

You might be a football fool if …

* You show up three hours early to tailgate, but routinely are late to work or picking up your children from school.

* You have no problem praying for your team to win, but never pray for orphans.

praying lsu

* You block your schedule 6 months ahead to watch your team play, but have to check your calendar and get back to friends who need you to help them in a pinch.

* You gladly give to the booster club, but never give to charities that help hungry people in your city.

* You dress up for football games, but dress down for church.

* You stand up to sing your college fight song, but never sing the national anthem.

* You know the names, measurements, hometowns, and stats of every player on your team, but have never meet more than 3 neighbors and you call them “Hey Fella” when you see them in the park.

* You have more money invested in tickets than you do in stocks or bonds.

* You cook for your everyone at your NFL tent party, but never cook a meal for someone homebound or sick.

tailgating pic

* You have more love in your heart for your coach or quarterback than you do your boss, your pastor, your president, your siblings.

* You have more hate in your heart for your coach or quarterback than you for the actions of sex predators, drunk drivers, or dead beat parents.

* You care more about your team’s ranking in the polls than you do your children’s GPA or BMI.

* You have never missed your son’s football practice/game, but you have never taken him personally to Sunday School/youth group meetings, open house at school, the doctor, or fishing.

* You have the big game circled on your calendar, but forgot your anniversary this year.

* Your Monday morning emotions are conditioned by how well your teams played on Saturday or Sunday.

Have I made my point? Football is fun, but it is not life.

I know, I know, some of you will say that  you “live and die for OU football” or you “bleed blue and gold” or you are “die hard Cowboy fans.” Good. I am glad you have a hobby, but that hobby is not your identity. And if it is, well, I am sorry for you.

This is kick off weekend for the NFL and week two for the NCAA. Enjoy football and celebrate your team. Only do so with some perspective. Don’t be known for being a fan of a team. Find something else to invest yourself into and become passionate about it. It might feel weird at first, but you will feel better about tutoring a child than passing out from too many calories during the Saints-Falcons game. Don’t buy the hype that football is life and life is now back to normal since football has returned.

We were created to be more than weekend fans. We are “all week warriors” living in a way that inspires others to life in faith, hope, and love. That is hard to do when we blend in and imitate others who escape through the association of an athletic event. Let’s not live for football. Let’s live to help children, serve others, enjoy our family, worship God, love everyone. Football can be a part of every bit of that, but it can not be the center. It is at best on the fringe of what should be important to us in life. Don’t lose perspective and don’t get caught up in the back to football mania.

Don’t be a football fool.

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools deceive them.  (Proverbs 14:8)


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